The studio holiday event


The Holiday open studio was a blast! I can't thank enough all the people that came and shared the day celebrating and cheering with us. I also couldn't have asked for a better group of friends and vendors to share our small space and present their wares: Susy and Keith of Pilgrim Waters, Kathryn of The Everyday Napkin, Jill Bent and Becca Cahan. It was such a bright and sunny day, hard to believe it was December in New England! A special thank to my dear husband that made and served more than 80 espressos through the day, always with a big smile. At certain point, I saw a line forming in front of espresso machine and our studio turned into a real coffe shop for one day. The espresso and the Perugina chocolate were a big hit! Thank you all for coming, supporting us and to make the day so special! See you at our next studio event and best wishes!

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