The winter market at Justine's


There are no words to describe the market at Justine's house. I wanted to photograph every detail of this beautiful house and I was not be able to put the camera down during the day. Lots of light, with big windows and large spaces. Some walls are unfinished and they were the best background for any photo, there were no need to style, I left everything as it was. It was also the first sunny day after a week! We filled the space with amazing vendors, curated by Justine, and every room was glowing with colors and textures. I hope these images can give you an idea of the day and I want to thank eveyone that came and spend the day with us. It was another party to celebrate the season and it wouldn't be the same without you. A special thank to Justine Hand for opening her house and for being the best host everyone could ask for!

angela liguoriComment