ABC Carpet and Home nyc

We had a fantastic National Stationery Show, thanks to all the amazing people that stopped by our booth, placed orders with our studio and shows support to the products we are so passionate about, with their creativity. After a much needed break on the long weekend, we are shipping a costom order of wood spool ribbon to a store I always admire and find much inspiration in NYC. Peach, natural, gold and silver ribbon spools are shipped today to ABC Carpet and Home in NYC and I can't be any happier. Thank you to all for the fun time at the NSS. To see more of the show, follow the updates on Oh So beautiful paper. Nole does a fantastic job covering booth, after booth, remembering all the new products, taking photos and launching new stationery companies + organizing the Paper Party, which is a blast! I don't know how she can do it all! Thank you everyone! 

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